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Elegant and attentively decorated rooms, superior quality services and amenities, courteous and professional staff make the Hotel Villa Daphne one of the most popular 3-star hotels in Giardini Naxos.
Villa Daphne has embraced the Sicilian tradition of elegant rooms classically furnished with solid wood, ample and stylishly upholstered couches, colored ceramic vases and accessories, captivating, attentive and courteous hospitality to warmly welcome guests to Giardini Naxos in Sicily.

The Hotel Villa Daphne provides guests with a reception, lobby, bar, restaurant and meeting room. Breakfast is served in a separate room where the continental buffet is enhanced by the pastries prepared by the chef and local Sicilian specialties. Guests arriving at the hotel in Giardini Naxos by car can park for free at the Villa Daphne or use the garage at a fee. Services are superior to those usually offered by hotels in Garidini Naxos: wi-fi, internet point (at a fee), newspapers, tourist information, guided tour and excursion bookings, laundry service.

Hotel Villa Daphne

  • 3-star hotel in Giardini Naxos
  • 22 rooms
  • Lobby
  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Meeting room
  • Pool
  • Solarium
  • Parking
  • Garage


  • Elevator
  • Handicap facilities
  • 24h front desk
  • Breakfast
  • Wi-fi
  • Internet point
  • Newspapers
  • Transfers to/from airport and train station
  • Guided tour and excursion bookings
  • Laundry service
  • Giardini Naxos hotels
  • Giardini Naxos hotels
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  • Giardini Naxos hotels

The pride of the Hotel Villa Daphne is the garden with pool and solarium where breakfast and candlelit dinners are served in the summer.

Apollo and Daphne

Giardini Naxos hotelsThe rooms at the Hotel Villa Daphne are decorated with paintings dedicated to the ancient legend of the nymph Daphne and god Apollo. The legend narrates that Apollo, exaggeratedly boasting of his bow and arrow skills, was pierced by Cupid out of spite. Hopelessly in love with the nymph Daphne, he was scorned by her, who in running away from him, sought help from her father Peneus who transformed her into a laurel to escape Apollo. From that day on, Apollo, desperate for the loss of his love, wore a laurel crown on his head to remind him of his loved one.